Black Friday Sales

Under the Sea

Under the Sea Fabrics

I vowed not to shop anywhere on Black Friday. I hate it, I think it’s stupid, I dislike the fact that some stores open on Thanksgiving to start their Black Friday sales early.

Honestly, all it is is a bunch of people standing in lines, pushing and shoving each other, for junk they don’t need. I can think of a million other things I would rather be doing on Black Friday then Black Friday. Of course, some of these things include a beach, a margarita, and stitching but hey that’s my fantasy.

Until, Under the Sea fabrics mentioned on Facebook that they will be having Black Friday Sales. I took a vow and I will stick to it even if it really sucks right now. But, the rest of you can participate.

Under the Sea Fabrics is owned and operated by Leslie Fetty LaFluer who is completely obsessed with mermaids. She hand dyes or hand paints the fabrics herself. She also does custom orders.

She has a variety of  fabrics to choose from including linen and Aida with an opalescent option on some fabrics. The fabric pictured above is Frozen Margarita opalescent that I bought a year or two ago via Embroidery Central.

And, considering the fact fact that her fabrics are hand dyed or hand painted, they are fairly priced. Happy stitching!


Valentine Project; Part Two

I will continue on with the Valentine project after a few short messages from Embroidery Central.

First, EC will be holding their 2nd all day Valentine Sit N Stitch on Feb. 12th from 10 am to 8 pm. The projects are small pillow kits that contain everything needed to finish them. The cost is $25.

Second, EC will hold their Children Classes every Thursday from 4:30 to 5:30 pm and cost $10 per month. This is a great opportunity to share your love of stitching and its community with any child who might be interested.

Third, Bobbin lace classes were not moved to Wed. but will be from 12:00 to 2:00pm every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. Each class is $10.

Fourth, Hardanger classes will also be every 2nd and 4th Saturday starting at 1 pm and going to 2 pm. Each class is $10.

I hope I haven’t missed anything, I will keep you updated as things change or are added.

Back to our regularly scheduled tutorial.

I forgot to mention last week that I would not be stitching the four lines, two at the top and two at the bottom, that are on the pattern. Due to lack of financial resources, I have not picked up the fabric I need to create the ruffle. I guess its a good thing that I gave myself an extra week to teach this. I did finish stitching all five projects that I am going to make as presents. Here they are:

1. All You Need is Love in Garnet by Weeks Dye Works


2. All You Need is Love in Ribbon Red by Crescent Colours.

ribbon red

3. All You Need is Love in Cardinal from the Waterlilies collection by Caron. There will be 2.


4. All You Need is Love in Ruby Slippers by Crescent Colours.

ruby slippers

Happy Stitching!

Valentine Project; Part One

Okay, I promised in December to teach you all how to the ruffle finishing technique that I used for Happy New Year by Lizzie Kate. Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away which is the perfect time to walk you through a small Valentine project you can make for your special someone. However, there are a few notices that I need to announce first from my local needlework shop, Embroidery Central; fondly know as EC by clients. I will be posting their contact information on a new page called Dealers.

First, The EC POM for February 2014 is ‘I Love you more then all the Stars’ by Bent Creek. The price that you see on the image is the price that the POM will be available for in February; currently it is $30.26. The kit includes the pattern, White Opalescent 28 Count Lugana, and a Pack of Piecemaker Tapestry Needles. This POM is quick and easy, it can be completed in a month. They only order a certain amount of the POM patterns so if you want one, call ahead before you go to the store.

Feb 2014 POM

Second, the bobbin lace class at Embroidery Central has been moved to Wednesdays at 4 pm. This means you can show up for the bobbin lace class and then stay for the Sit n’ Stitch group. I know that they are planning to start kids’ classes but I am not positive of dates or times as of yet. As soon as I know, I will get it posted.

If your local needlework has something fun going on, email me at and I will get it posted.

Now on to the valentine Project that I promised. I choose something small, simple, and quick; mainly, because I am making 6 of these. The pattern is called ‘All You Need is Love’ and is designed by Kell Smurthwaite and Kincavel Krosses. Keep in mind that this pattern is free because the designer and the publisher choose to share it. You may not copy or make a kit then sell this pattern.

Valentine Day Project supplies

This pattern is all one color so for this tutorial I choose to do my project on a scrap of Aida that I had laying around. I think it is 6 x 9 inches. The thread I choose is a hand dyed silk called 219 Cardinal in the Waterlilies collection by Caron. You can choose what ever fabric or thread you want to use.

To start stitching, find the middle of the pattern like so…

Finding the middle of the pattern

Now find the middle of your fabric. I fold my fabric in half and then fold it in half again like so it looks like this. While it is folded like this, I use either a highlighter or a a frixion pen to mark the center.

Finding the middle of the fabric

When the fabric is unfolded, you should be able to see your mark. This mark will be visible if you use a highlighter so this will actually be the back of my piece. Remember, if you are using hand dyed thread of any kind, you can not get your project wet; the color will bleed onto the fabric and ruin it. If you use a frixion pen, it does not matter what side the mark is on because the mark will disappear when you iron your project. If you decide to use DMC, then no worries because you can wash your project.

marking the middle of the fabric

Remember, each square on the pattern equals one square of fabric. To start, thread your needle with your chosen thread and bring it up the middle hole. I am using two threads for my stitching and this seems to be the standard choice.  Go diagonally down to the next hole to create one leg of an X and bring the needle up through the hole that is directly across from the hole you pushed the needle through. As you do this, try to catch the tail end of thread under the thread that is on the needle. It should look similar to this:


first stitch on front


first stitch on back

Here is what the project should look like with two fully finished stitches.

First two stitchesJust follow the pattern and Happy Stitching!

POM: Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Embroidery Central is continuing their Project of the Month and is ringing in the new year with Let it Snow by Stoney Creek. Felicea Norman, an employee of Embroidery Central, was working on this cute little project in December. I have yet to see the finished piece but I am looking forward to working on it myself.

What you need to know is it is a medium sized project and is a good project for beginners.  Felicea used a hand dyed fabric for hers that was absolutely stunning. I do not if the fabric she used will be included as part of the POM or not; hopefully, she will comment on this post and let me know.

Also Embroidery Central is changing how they they price their POM’s. What I have been told is that the POM’s will now all be $25 and include what you need to stitch the project as well as a little surprise such as a scissors.

I think that is it for now, Happy Stitching!

Let’s talk turkey…

Meet George and Martha Gobbleton from AuryTM Designs. These crazy kids can be found dressing in their holiday best for every occasion. Of course, in this pattern they are ready for Thanksgiving. These two expect to be hanging on your wall and not on your table. They are currently hanging out at Embroidery Central for a sizzling price of $8. So invite them over and create some smiles. Click turkey to get yours now. Remember to like Embroidery Central on Facebook if you want to see everything they have going on.

George & Martha Gobbleton

Grand Reopening and POM

Well today is the day.  Embroidery Central was closed for a week while they moved and decorated.  The store is located at 1638 N 200 West in Logan, Utah. The ribbon cutting ceremony starts at noon with a big ol’ party. All I know is that the classroom has moved downstairs for easier access and there will now be a fabric room. Imagine being able to see all your color choices in fabric!  Of course, don’t forget tonight is also the sit n stitch starting at 6 pm.

Then the Needlework Gallery will be Ocotber 17th through the 19th. There will be various displays of needle work throughout the building plus an all day sit n stitch. Come out and take a look, ask questions, and just have a great experience. If you are interested in displaying your pieces, just come to the store and ask the staff.

With the new month comes two new Projects of the Month, one for beginner and one for inter mediate stitchers.  For beginners, the pattern is ‘Stitching Row’ by Bent Creek. This includes the pattern and fabric. This POM runs around $20.

The intermediate POM is 6 Fat Man by Lizzie Kate which includes 6 patterns, linen, and beads for $45.00.


Come out and find a new hobby that creates a treasure for years to come.