Needlework Galleries

One design from Christmas Tree Lane by Cross N Patch.

One design from Christmas Tree Lane by Cross N Patch.

Wouldn’t be wonderful if there was a gallery just for needlework. Imagine, nothing but various different forms of needlework hanging on the wall. You wonder around the room, amazed by the different stitches, designs, color, and talent. You find inspiration to finish a project, to start a project, or to change a project.

Of course, the problem with a physical location is the insurance cost would be on the same level as the Smithsonian; if not higher.  Those of who stitch understand exactly what I’m talking about.

Well, what if someone somewhere created an online gallery. It wouldn’t have the same wow factor as a physical location but you could still find some inspiration.  Embroidery Central in Logan, Utah has created just such a gallery, Hand Embroidery & Cross Stitch Galleries,  that is growing on a daily basis.

It first started as a way for the local stitch group to show their finished projects without taping tiny pictures to their wall. It has since grown to include other finished projects as well. Eventually, they hope to include stitchers from around the world. Basically, you would be able to post your picture of your finished project.

They also hoping to cross-reference the finished projects with the product available through their store including any changes that the stitcher made. They have some big plans that are slowly being implemented.

I hope you all check it out and find some inspiration, Happy Stitching!



I added a Connect page that will allow you to find us on Facebook and Twitter. I also added some more dealers and designers to the DD’s page. Our email address is also on the Connect page so you can brag about your local needlework store, favorite magazines, or favorite designers. Also, if you have a piece or project that you want to show off, send me a picture with the story behind it, include the designer, and I will post it.

Happy Stitching!

Unknown Stitchy Terms

I saw this on FB, read it, and smiled. I know I have many SINS that may never ever see the light of day but it is so much fun purchasing said SINS and dreaming of the day you might get around to stitching that kit or pattern you just had to have.

5th Saturday Sale

Embroidery Central will be holding their 5th Saturday sale Dec. 29th. What exactly is this, you ask? The fifth Saturday sale means double punch day for anyone buying stitchy stuff. for instance, I purchase a $10 piece of linen and I get 20 dollars worth of punches on my card. Yeah me! If you fill up a punch card, you get a credit of twenty dollars on your account. Yeah me again!

Plus, sales will be going on all day. Just remember, EC will only be open 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday. Their addres is 1638 North 200 West in Logan, Utah. I hope to see you all there, happy stitching!

It’s all about the fabric; part 1

Every stitcher knows that the fabric determines how your project will look from childish to elegant. In fact, some of us buy fabric just because its so darn pretty. We know that eventually we will find that perfect pattern. We buy it because its on sell, its out of print, its a new line, its sparkly, it smells good, it feels good, etc. Stitchers are addicted to their fabric.

So this series will focus on different kinds of fabric including , how to wash, how to cut, how to buy, and where to buy. Let’s begin with Aida.

Aida is a sturdy even weave fabric. It comes in several different colors including a two metallic weaves – gold and silver. It can be washed with a mild detergent, dye and perfume free, in cool to lukewarm water. It can also be ironed with or without steam. You can wash and iron this type of fabric before and after stitching. Keep in mind that this applies only if your project has no hand dyed thread.

It is also a great fabric for beginners to learn tension because it is stiff and can be used without a hoop. It is also inexpensive and can be found almost anywhere from department stores to craft stores. It usually comes already cut in a plastic tube or a plastic bag and it can be kept in these containers for storage.

There are a variety of sizes ranging from 7 count to 22 count; a twenty count has twenty squares per inch. A seven count is the biggest size fabric while 22 is the smallest size fabric; if I remember correctly.

Aida is the fabric required for most patterns so really there is no limit. Happy Stitching!

Up Coming Events: Embroidery Central

Needlework stores around the world will find new ways to reward loyal customers and bring in new customers.  This is what this feature will be about. If you are a patron of a local needlework store or an owner, send me an e-mail about any events including sales, classes, or get togethers that your store is hosting. I will then post the events for everyone to read and mark on calendars.

Currently, I am only familiar with my local needlework store Embroidery Central 1638 North 200 West Logan, Utah.  Here is a list of events for December.

Embroidery Central has teamed up with The Hearld Journal (local newspaper)  for a Christmas giveaway. There will be one prize given away every week. The catch is you have to go to the store and sign up. The first week give away is cute set of carolers. Other prizes include a craft basket loaded with Donnette’s favorite gadgets, a scroll frame with quilted accessories, and all of the project of the months for 2013.  Started Dec. 1st.

Starting Dec. 6th, they start counting down to Christmas with the twelve days of Christmas needlework style. Every day will have a different item on sale. For example, buy four hand dyed floss get one free. I do not have a full list yet but I will get one asap.

Every Wednesday night at 6 pm to 8 pm is stitch night. All ages and all levels of stitchers are more than welcome to come spend some time completely devoted to needlework. Bring a project you are working on or find a new project in the store. You may show up at anytime between those hours.

On Dec 10th at 11 am, there will be a bobbin lace class. The class is $10 with a $5.00 project fee. There is also a kit to help get you started that is about $30.00. Learn a new hobby and the history behind lace making.

Well that is all the events for this one store. Tell me what is your favorite shop doing to celebrate the holidays?

What the heck is needlework?

Needle work is anything that can be done with a needle and thread.  There are various forms that like fashion tend to fade in and out of style.  It includes but is not limited too Cross-Stitch, Needlepoint, Petite Point, Ribbon Embroidery, Embroidery, Hardhanger, etc.  Honestly, the list probably could go on forever.

Cross-stitching uses a needle with floss to make x’s on various kinds of fabric.  There is a pattern to follow.

Needlepoint uses a variety of stitches; including x’s.  The canvas is usually painted and there are some general instructions to follow.  Petite Point is similar to needlepoint, its just smaller.

Ribbon Embroidery uses ribbon and thread with a variety of stitches on fabric.  A pattern is traced onto the fabric and there are general instructions to follow.  Embroidery is similar to ribbon embroidery but does not use ribbon.

Hardhanger uses embroidery stitches and fabric.  However,  once the ground work is laid, threads of the fabric are cut out creating a lacy delicate look to pieces.

These are currently the most popular types of needlework and the ones I am most familiar with.  Each one is distinct and each one creates a treasure.