Needlework Galleries

One design from Christmas Tree Lane by Cross N Patch.

One design from Christmas Tree Lane by Cross N Patch.

Wouldn’t be wonderful if there was a gallery just for needlework. Imagine, nothing but various different forms of needlework hanging on the wall. You wonder around the room, amazed by the different stitches, designs, color, and talent. You find inspiration to finish a project, to start a project, or to change a project.

Of course, the problem with a physical location is the insurance cost would be on the same level as the Smithsonian; if not higher.  Those of who stitch understand exactly what I’m talking about.

Well, what if someone somewhere created an online gallery. It wouldn’t have the same wow factor as a physical location but you could still find some inspiration.  Embroidery Central in Logan, Utah has created just such a gallery, Hand Embroidery & Cross Stitch Galleries,  that is growing on a daily basis.

It first started as a way for the local stitch group to show their finished projects without taping tiny pictures to their wall. It has since grown to include other finished projects as well. Eventually, they hope to include stitchers from around the world. Basically, you would be able to post your picture of your finished project.

They also hoping to cross-reference the finished projects with the product available through their store including any changes that the stitcher made. They have some big plans that are slowly being implemented.

I hope you all check it out and find some inspiration, Happy Stitching!



I added a Connect page that will allow you to find us on Facebook and Twitter. I also added some more dealers and designers to the DD’s page. Our email address is also on the Connect page so you can brag about your local needlework store, favorite magazines, or favorite designers. Also, if you have a piece or project that you want to show off, send me a picture with the story behind it, include the designer, and I will post it.

Happy Stitching!

Valentine Project; Part Two

I will continue on with the Valentine project after a few short messages from Embroidery Central.

First, EC will be holding their 2nd all day Valentine Sit N Stitch on Feb. 12th from 10 am to 8 pm. The projects are small pillow kits that contain everything needed to finish them. The cost is $25.

Second, EC will hold their Children Classes every Thursday from 4:30 to 5:30 pm and cost $10 per month. This is a great opportunity to share your love of stitching and its community with any child who might be interested.

Third, Bobbin lace classes were not moved to Wed. but will be from 12:00 to 2:00pm every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. Each class is $10.

Fourth, Hardanger classes will also be every 2nd and 4th Saturday starting at 1 pm and going to 2 pm. Each class is $10.

I hope I haven’t missed anything, I will keep you updated as things change or are added.

Back to our regularly scheduled tutorial.

I forgot to mention last week that I would not be stitching the four lines, two at the top and two at the bottom, that are on the pattern. Due to lack of financial resources, I have not picked up the fabric I need to create the ruffle. I guess its a good thing that I gave myself an extra week to teach this. I did finish stitching all five projects that I am going to make as presents. Here they are:

1. All You Need is Love in Garnet by Weeks Dye Works


2. All You Need is Love in Ribbon Red by Crescent Colours.

ribbon red

3. All You Need is Love in Cardinal from the Waterlilies collection by Caron. There will be 2.


4. All You Need is Love in Ruby Slippers by Crescent Colours.

ruby slippers

Happy Stitching!

Unknown Stitchy Terms

I saw this on FB, read it, and smiled. I know I have many SINS that may never ever see the light of day but it is so much fun purchasing said SINS and dreaming of the day you might get around to stitching that kit or pattern you just had to have.

Upcoming Events

Every Wednesday night at Embroidery Central, Logan, Utah, is Stitch night. It starts at 6 pm and goes to 8 pm, everyone is welcome.

Embroidery Central has been so busy that they have added a beginner’s hard hanger class on Saturdays at 1 pm.

There are also several classes coming up next month including tatting, bobbin lace, and a framing class.  I will get these posted next week. Seating is limited so sign up asap.

There is also the Project of the Month (POM) which is available on the first of every month. I will get Aprils posted next week.

The finishing challenge was such a big hit last year that Embroidery Central has carried it over to this year.  You earn points based on your skill level and the difficulty of the project.  Prizes will be awarded at the end of the year.

They are also rewarding stitchers who donate ornaments for their Christmas Tree.  For every ornament donated, you receive two dollars on your punch card and points for the finishing challenge. Remember, these ornaments will be sold at November Fest in Logan, Utah with all of the proceeds going to Sub for Santa.

So come on out and show off your talent! Happy stitching!

5th Saturday Sale

Embroidery Central will be holding their 5th Saturday sale Dec. 29th. What exactly is this, you ask? The fifth Saturday sale means double punch day for anyone buying stitchy stuff. for instance, I purchase a $10 piece of linen and I get 20 dollars worth of punches on my card. Yeah me! If you fill up a punch card, you get a credit of twenty dollars on your account. Yeah me again!

Plus, sales will be going on all day. Just remember, EC will only be open 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday. Their addres is 1638 North 200 West in Logan, Utah. I hope to see you all there, happy stitching!

Copyright Laws: Copying

In this series, we explore the Copyright laws and how they apply to the world of needlework. Copyright laws affect what you can and cannot do with your patterns and finished projects.  I am not an expert in this area, this is just information I have picked up from 20 years of stitching.  Hopefully, I can get stitchers, designers, and store owners to comment. We will begin with copying.

In needle work, a copy is a printed duplicate of the original design known as a working copy.  No, it does not do the stitching for you, sheesh!

Imagine you are half way done with your project and the pattern was twenty dollars.  You are sipping on a drink while stitching.  Then all of a sudden, so and so (insert name here) spills your drink on your pattern.  You might be able to save it but you might be buying another pattern for twenty dollars.  Yeah!

What, you don’t want to buy the exact same pattern for twenty dollars?  A working copy allows you to scribble, highlight, make notes, eat, drink, or whatever you do when you are stitching without damaging the original pattern or denting your stitching budget.

As far as I know, designers do not mind working copies.  This does not mean you can make a copy of a pattern and sell it on eBay or to a friend.  I have seen this happen.  You may make a copy of a pattern for someone else or let them borrow your pattern so that they can make a working copy.

Just remember, every copy means a designer does not get paid.  If you have any questions, you can always ask the designer or your local needlework stores.  After all, if they don’t make money, they will stop creating designs and we won’t get the patterns or the product.