Black Friday Sales

Under the Sea

Under the Sea Fabrics

I vowed not to shop anywhere on Black Friday. I hate it, I think it’s stupid, I dislike the fact that some stores open on Thanksgiving to start their Black Friday sales early.

Honestly, all it is is a bunch of people standing in lines, pushing and shoving each other, for junk they don’t need. I can think of a million other things I would rather be doing on Black Friday then Black Friday. Of course, some of these things include a beach, a margarita, and stitching but hey that’s my fantasy.

Until, Under the Sea fabrics mentioned on Facebook that they will be having Black Friday Sales. I took a vow and I will stick to it even if it really sucks right now. But, the rest of you can participate.

Under the Sea Fabrics is owned and operated by Leslie Fetty LaFluer who is completely obsessed with mermaids. She hand dyes or hand paints the fabrics herself. She also does custom orders.

She has a variety of  fabrics to choose from including linen and Aida with an opalescent option on some fabrics. The fabric pictured above is Frozen Margarita opalescent that I bought a year or two ago via Embroidery Central.

And, considering the fact fact that her fabrics are hand dyed or hand painted, they are fairly priced. Happy stitching!


Wish List: Spirit Dancer from Butternut Road

Spirit Dancer by Butternut Road

Spirit Dancer by Butternut Road

I’ve decided to show you a few of the patterns or designers that I wish I had. Plus, this gives me the opportunity to clear out my wish list on Embroidery Central’s website.

First up is Spirit Dancer from Butternut Road. My husband’s grandmother has stitched this pattern and ¬†it is hanging in her apartment. I salivate over it every time I go to visit her. I really want to do this pattern or at least have it in my stash.

However, I also tend to forget what is on my wish list and buy patterns that I need right now. I know that I am not the only stitcher who does this.

This pattern will have to be on my wish list a little longer as the funds just aren’t there to support my habit. I know someday I will own it and someday I will stitch, it is just a matter of time and patience.