I have two free days to do some stitching. I’m thinking about working on my Heaven and Earth which has been sadly neglected for a few months. Maybe, we will see what happens.

By the way, I did add some other social media stuff that you could all follow. This way we can stay connected and inspire each other. I have an you add me, I’ll add you policy; unless, you start spamming me then I’ll block you.

Anyway, as soon as I get some stitching done, I’l show off my progress. Happy stitching!


WIP: A Cherry Heart by Shepherd’s Bush

A Cherry Heart by Shepherd's Bush

A Cherry Heart by Shepherd’s Bush

This is what I am currently working on that is driving me nuts. I have one side of the two outside borders to do and it will be finished. I started it on Valentine’s day and it really should have not taken me this long to finish. Like I already stated, I should have changed the colors.

I will finish the stitching and frame or finish the project somehow. Then I will give it away to someone who can appreciate it more than I do.  Anyway, this is my WIP for this Wednesday. Happy Stitching!