Finish: Winter Into Spring designed by Cross N’ Patch


Winter Into Spring designed by Cross N’ Patch

I started this Tuesday, April 7th, and  finished Friday, April 10th. It took me exactly four days to stitch this cute little hardanger heart. That is just down right depressing.  Apparently, I need to stitch bigger hardanger projects.

However, this little heart just had a rhythm to it that I didn’t want to put it down. I haven’t had a project be this smooth in a really long time. It really was easy to do, once, you get over the “Oh my God, I have to cut my fabric moment.”

There are several mistakes in this one too. The biggest one is that I cut one fabric thread too many on one kloster block. I only cut one end so I was able to hide it when I wrapped the bars. Problem solved and it is hidden.

If you’ve been too intimidated to try hardanger, don’t be.  Once you get the hang of it, the projects are a piece of cake.  It’s just like any other stitching you have done, start small, double check your pattern, double check your stitching, have lots of patience, and most important have fun.

Speaking of fun, me and a friend are going to start up a stitch group in Preston, Idaho. If you don’t know how, we are willing to teach. We can teach cross stitch, embroidery, and hardanger.  If anyone is interested, just leave me a comment below. Happy Stitching!