Angel Tree Ornaments for Jan. 2014

Jan. Ornaments

The needlework shop, Embroidery Central, that I get most of my supplies from does an angel tree. The angel tree is covered with ornaments that are made and donated from various stitchers who frequent their store. The angel tree is then taken to a local craft festival, known as November Fest, in Logan, Utah where the ornaments are sold. The money that the shop makes they give to a local charity such as Toys for Tots or Sub for Santa to help buy toys for underprivileged kids. This is a very special tree to me.

My parents for a long time relied on programs like this to get my siblings and I Christmas presents. My husband and I also had to use programs such as this when our kids were little. My family always tries to help out with these two programs, however, the money isn’t always there to buy a toy. The angel tree gives me a way to donate what I already have in the hopes that someone will purchase an ornament.

I realize it’s only January so it is a little early to talking about Christmas ornaments but it is my goal to do two ornaments a month. For January, I choose to do a Santa Claus and a Partridge from Merry Christmas ABC published by Leisure Arts. The name of the design is W is for Wreaths and it is designed by Jorja Hernadez of Kooler Design Studio.  They are done on perforated paper that was given to me via my mother.

As you can see they are not finished quite yet. I am missing two threads and beads to finish the stitching. Once they are finished, I will use a hot glue gun to glue a ribbon on the back so they can hang from a Christmas tree. They will be given to Embroidery Central as soon as they are complete.

Happy Stitching!



Curiosity Curiosity page 4

I guess this project needs an update. This is a Heaven and Earth designs called Curiousity by artist Amy Brown. The fabric is is called Dusk by Pol Stitches. It is all one over one and there are about 50 pages. I started it in March 2012 and I thought that this project would take only two years to complete. All of my supplies were once again purchased through Embroidery Central.

Fast forward two years and you can see it is not complete. I do have three pages completed and I am working on the fourth.

Heaven and Earth Designs gets permission from various artists to turn their art into cross stitch. Most of their patterens are so big that fabric cannot be bought to them two thread of DMC over two threads of linen. Because of their size, most of their patterns have to be started in the top left corner. I rebelled and started in the middle. Of course, this particular pattern had me counting down a whole blank page just to get started.

My goal this year is to get at least two pages done along with a million other projects that are screaming pick me, pick me!

Happy Stitching!

Nothing but Thread; part 2

There are currently two brands of metallic thread – Krenik and Rainbow Gallery – that are favored among stitchers.  The argument between the two is usually based on color, price, and quality.

When it comes to color both companies have really good color ranges so it really difficult to argue that one is better than the other. There is a difference in brightness, depending on what kind of metallic thread you buy. Blending filaments are used with one strand of thread to create a subtle sparkle. Braids, ranging from very fine #4 to braid #8, can be used with a thread or by themselves to add lots of sparkle. It is all up to the designer or the stitcher to add as much or no sparkle to each project.

When it comes to price, Krenik is about $2.00 for one bobbin while Rainbow Gallery is about $3.00 per bobbin. If you have set budget for your stitching addiction, you might want to stick with Krenik. Again its is up to needlework stores to decide which brand to carry. Most will offer both; but, I have found with Rainbow Gallery I usually have to order the colors I need. Krenik can also be found in some department stores such as Wal-mart.

The quality department is the kicker. Keep in mind this is again based on personal preference. I prefer Rainbow Gallery. It is softer, easier to work with, and it doesn’t seem fray as quick as Krenik. However, I know stitchers who say the same thing about Rainbow Gallery.

Neither company has limited their company to just metallic thread and have a wide variety of specialty threads such as Neon and Glow in the Dark. After all, stitching is only limited but your creativity why should your thread be any different.

Next up, hand dyed thread.


I wanted a blog page where I could share my wealth of information about various hand stitched projects.  I am not a craft supplier, a magazine, or a designer.  I am simply a stitcher who wants to share my love of stitching.

On this blog, I will talk about various forms of needlework and their history, where to find supplies, designers and their patterns, copyright laws, teaching, and learning.   I will have guest posts from a variety of people including store owners, designers, teachers, and other stitchers.  As well as events that can be found around the world for those of you lucky enough to travel.

This blog will only include crafts by hand, however, I will be including quilt stores on a directory for two reasons.  First, there are still people who quilt by hand.  Second, some quilt stores also offer floss for embroidery.  So sit back and let me show what treasures can be made with The Daedal Needle.