Finish: Bobbin Lace Snake


After two years, I finally finished my bobbin lace snake. It took two years because I was always forgetting to bring him to the class at Embroidery Central. Plus, I really don’t have a place to set up a bobbin lace pillow to work at home. Here is a close up of the snake’s body:


Now, bobbin lace is one of the oldest ways to make lace by hand. It uses thread that is wound on bobbins then the bobbins are weaved to create different stitches. The bobbins are generally made of different kinds of wood and sound like wind chimes as you weave. I love doing it and can’t wait to start my next project.

By the way, Embroidery Central in Logan, Utah has a bobbin lace class that starts at 4 pm and goes until 6 pm on wednesdays. Happy Stitching!