Finish: Toil & Trouble by La-D-Da

'Toil & Trouble' designed by La-D-Da

‘Toil & Trouble’ designed by La-D-Da

I finished this yesterday after it had been sitting for a few weeks. I just needed spider buttons and had to order them through Embroidery Central. The spider buttons came in last week but I wasn’t able to pick them up until yesterday.

This is ‘Toil & Trouble’ designed by La-D-Da. of course, I changed it quite a bit. First off, the bright green of the nose and the bubbles are stitched with glow in the dark Krenik. The purple border is one of the DMC light effects thread but I am not sure of the number; tags got lost. The words are done in a hand dyed thread that also has lost tags. I really should take better care of my thread apparently. Not sure what the fabric is called but it is hand dyed as well.

I have been wanting to this design for a while, however, I would always forget about it. Last year, Embroidery Central made this pattern a POM so I bought it and I loved stitching it. One other person in my local stitch group has also stitched this pattern, to see her version click here.

Honestly, this pattern is small and would be a great pattern for a beginner. Happy Stitching!