Okay, I admit my plan for the Valentine Project was not very well executed. Between finances and time, the projects were not finished before Valentine’s day and they were definitely not given away. However, I did recently find a job which will help fund my addiction. I plan on finishing the tutorial as soon as I get my first check.

There are lots of exciting things coming up at my local needlework store that I will be sure to post every Saturday. For now, what you need to know is that next Saturday, March 1st, Embroidery Central will be holding a ruffles class. I am not sure of the time or cost but their information is on the DD page if you would like to contact them for the info.

I am sorry to say that Florence’s Attic has closed so I will be removing their information. I was able to get a few needlepoint canvases and a couple of pieces of fabric. I was only able to shop there two times and I will miss them. I know some of you will say that losing a craft store is no big deal. However, to those of us who stitch, a store is more then just a store.

It is a place of camaraderie, learning, and exploration that you just can not get on the internet. I am a member of several groups on Facebook and enjoy every minute of what I am involved with there but face time with follow stitchers is totally different. A store allows you touch and see all of the materials you will be working with without waiting for it to be shipped. Anyway, I will miss Florence’s Attic just like I have missed two other stores that have closed that I use to frequent.

Remember to support your local needlework stores and happy stitching!



I added a Connect page that will allow you to find us on Facebook and Twitter. I also added some more dealers and designers to the DD’s page. Our email address is also on the Connect page so you can brag about your local needlework store, favorite magazines, or favorite designers. Also, if you have a piece or project that you want to show off, send me a picture with the story behind it, include the designer, and I will post it.

Happy Stitching!


I updated the theme for The Daedal Needle last night. I loved the old theme but I wanted to add a page that listed credible dealers and designers. By credible, I mean they follow copy right laws when distributing or selling patterns. With the old theme, I added and published this page but it never showed up. I quickly realized that the problem might have something to do with the theme.

I was going to wait to change it till today. However, I was on WordPress last night to work on my other blogs and figured what the hay, let’s change it right now. Ta-Da! Plus, the new theme sort of matches the fabric room at EC which I will be writing about this month. I am so stoked!

Anyway, as you can see there is a new page called DD’s. It does not stand for cup sizes on a bra, hopefully, it made you smile. It does stand for Dealers and Designers and right now it only has two. I will add more as stitching fans around the world write in to beg for their favorite store or designer to be added. All you have to do is email me at rayvenire@gmail.com with a name, a link, and any other pertinent information. I will check each dealer out personally to ensure that the level of professionalism, courtesy, and respect towards designers and customers is there.

Enjoy the new page and happy stitching!


Grand Reopening and POM

Well today is the day.  Embroidery Central was closed for a week while they moved and decorated.  The store is located at 1638 N 200 West in Logan, Utah. The ribbon cutting ceremony starts at noon with a big ol’ party. All I know is that the classroom has moved downstairs for easier access and there will now be a fabric room. Imagine being able to see all your color choices in fabric!  Of course, don’t forget tonight is also the sit n stitch starting at 6 pm.

Then the Needlework Gallery will be Ocotber 17th through the 19th. There will be various displays of needle work throughout the building plus an all day sit n stitch. Come out and take a look, ask questions, and just have a great experience. If you are interested in displaying your pieces, just come to the store and ask the staff.

With the new month comes two new Projects of the Month, one for beginner and one for inter mediate stitchers.  For beginners, the pattern is ‘Stitching Row’ by Bent Creek. This includes the pattern and fabric. This POM runs around $20.

The intermediate POM is 6 Fat Man by Lizzie Kate which includes 6 patterns, linen, and beads for $45.00.


Come out and find a new hobby that creates a treasure for years to come.

What the heck is needlework?

Needle work is anything that can be done with a needle and thread.  There are various forms that like fashion tend to fade in and out of style.  It includes but is not limited too Cross-Stitch, Needlepoint, Petite Point, Ribbon Embroidery, Embroidery, Hardhanger, etc.  Honestly, the list probably could go on forever.

Cross-stitching uses a needle with floss to make x’s on various kinds of fabric.  There is a pattern to follow.

Needlepoint uses a variety of stitches; including x’s.  The canvas is usually painted and there are some general instructions to follow.  Petite Point is similar to needlepoint, its just smaller.

Ribbon Embroidery uses ribbon and thread with a variety of stitches on fabric.  A pattern is traced onto the fabric and there are general instructions to follow.  Embroidery is similar to ribbon embroidery but does not use ribbon.

Hardhanger uses embroidery stitches and fabric.  However,  once the ground work is laid, threads of the fabric are cut out creating a lacy delicate look to pieces.

These are currently the most popular types of needlework and the ones I am most familiar with.  Each one is distinct and each one creates a treasure.