Treasures & Trash


My husband really pissed me off last night. I don’t know if I will ever forgive him. I still love him but right now forgiveness is not even an option.

Because of what happened, I am selling anything and everything that is mine that I no longer want or use such as books, needle work leaflets and supplies, clothing, and household decorations. I am doing it all through a Facebook group that I am setting up right now called Treasures & Trash.

Of course, nothing I’ll sell will actually be trash but you know ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’

Anyway, I hope you all stop by and check it out.


Black Friday Sales

Under the Sea

Under the Sea Fabrics

I vowed not to shop anywhere on Black Friday. I hate it, I think it’s stupid, I dislike the fact that some stores open on Thanksgiving to start their Black Friday sales early.

Honestly, all it is is a bunch of people standing in lines, pushing and shoving each other, for junk they don’t need. I can think of a million other things I would rather be doing on Black Friday then Black Friday. Of course, some of these things include a beach, a margarita, and stitching but hey that’s my fantasy.

Until, Under the Sea fabrics mentioned on Facebook that they will be having Black Friday Sales. I took a vow and I will stick to it even if it really sucks right now. But, the rest of you can participate.

Under the Sea Fabrics is owned and operated by Leslie Fetty LaFluer who is completely obsessed with mermaids. She hand dyes or hand paints the fabrics herself. She also does custom orders.

She has a variety of  fabrics to choose from including linen and Aida with an opalescent option on some fabrics. The fabric pictured above is Frozen Margarita opalescent that I bought a year or two ago via Embroidery Central.

And, considering the fact fact that her fabrics are hand dyed or hand painted, they are fairly priced. Happy stitching!

WIP Wednesday: Curiosity by Heaven and Earth and Amy


I know I missed posting for WIP on my blog. However, I did post an update on Facebook so I didn’t totally skip out.  I took a me day and then I watched one of the grand babies while his mommy did some photo editing for a client. I got some stitching done Curiosity both Wednesday and Friday. I also plan on getting some done today as well.

For those of you who don’t know, Heaven and Earth (HEAD) patterns are generally huge. They are usually stitched with one thread such as DMC over 1 fabric thread. The starting point for these designs is supposed to be the top left hand corner. Most people will use a white linen or aida to stitch these designs because most of the time the fabric doesn’t show.

Unless, you are the crazy one in the group who decides to do everything differently just because you can.

I am using a hand dyed fabric from Polstitches Designs called Dusk through Embroidery Central. I can’t remember the thread count but I can find out if you are interested. I am using two DMC threads over 1 fabric thread which is why its a pain in the ass and taking me a little longer to complete. You know, this wasn’t enough of a challenge so I started in the middle which happens to around the dragons nose.

I have the legs of the fairy completed and part of the belly which equals about three pages of a HEAD designs. Three pages out of like 60 pages with so many more to go. The part I stitched this week is the blue right above the needle but only about 2o squares so two inches worth of stitching in about five hours. Yeah me!  Anyway, that’s my update, Happy Stitching!

curiosity 2

Intro to Under the Sea Fabrics

Under the Sea

Under the Sea Fabrics

Under the Sea Fabrics provides hand dyed fabrics to stitchers around the world by owner Leslie LaFleur. Pictured above, is Frozen Margherita Opalescent fabric. However, there is a catch to these absolutely stunning fabrics. There are only two places to buy fabrics from Under the Sea.

Lafleur for the last couple of years has only sold her fabrics through her social media group on Facebook – Under the Sea Fabrics. Jennifer, an Embroidery Central stitcher, found her and started buying LaFleur fabrics. The employees at Embroidery Central fell in love with the fabric and now carry select pieces from Under the Sea Fabrics in the store.

I say select pieces because Under the Sea Fabrics is currently a one woman operation that is being ran out of LaFleur’s home. She can’t offer what the bigger distributers do quite yet but I am sure she is on her way. What she does offer is awesome fabric in every shade and count from linen to Aida. Plus, she will also do custom orders if you ask very nicely. She also has Opalescent hand dyed fabric for those of you who want a little bit of extra sparkle.

She is constantly posting images of her latest creations but some of the creations are offered for a short time only. Happy Stitching!

Have I gone to heaven…

The fabric room at Embroidery Central.

The fabric room at Embroidery Central.

No, you have not gone to heaven but it may seem like it when you enter the fabric room at Embroidery Central. Yes, the fabric is out in the open for you to look at. I believe the top row and some of the second row is aida. The rest is all different shades, colors, and counts of linen; including opalescent.

The wall above the cutting table at Embroidery Central.

The wall above the cutting table at Embroidery Central.

Now, you can look at the fabric and pull some off the shelf. However, you do have to ask the employees to unwrap and cut the piece you want. In fact, they are more than willing to help you find the perfect piece of fabric for your project. Sometimes they will even pull fabric off the shelf just to give you more choices which is perfect if you just can’t decide.

The fabric of the month at Embroidery Central.

The fabric of the month at Embroidery Central.

They also have a fabric of the month that is guaranteed to catch your eye and make you ask yourself, “What can I put on that?!?” They also have jars with various scrap pieces for smaller projects that start at a $1 then go up.

The fabric room at Embroidery Central is my favorite room and tends to get me in trouble financially. Happy Stitching!

WIP Wednesday: Thanksgiving Blessing designed by Heart in Hand

Thanksgiving Blessing by Heart in Hand

Thanksgiving Blessing by Heart in Hand

Yesterday, I decided to start ‘Thanksgiving Blessing’ designed by Heart in Hand. Normally, this isn’t a project I would pick to do but Embroidery Central has Projects of the Month (POM). Last year, they decided that anyone who spent over $50 on a double punch day would be put in a drawing. The winners would be able to pick out the POM’s for 2015.

My name was chosen and I decided to do the POM for October. Keep in mind that the POM’s are discounted during that specific month only. Felicea, an employee of Embroidery Central, suggested I do a thanksgiving project. We narrowed it down to two patterns but we both liked this one.  Of course, being the creative people that we are, we changed a few things.

The start of my project

The start of my project

First, we choose a different fabric called Mummies Curse by Pol Stitches. The fabric looks like falling leaves and matches the required hand dyed threads. Second, there is going to be four bronze tinted charms added in place of some of the stitching – two leaves and two medallions. I’m not stitching the turkey after follow or the bright orange floral between filled and with. The medallions will be place in those locations. One of the leaves will be by the pumpkin and the other will be at the bottom where the flower and heart are.

Anyway that’s my WIP for today. Happy Stitching!

It’s all about the fabric; part 1

Every stitcher knows that the fabric determines how your project will look from childish to elegant. In fact, some of us buy fabric just because its so darn pretty. We know that eventually we will find that perfect pattern. We buy it because its on sell, its out of print, its a new line, its sparkly, it smells good, it feels good, etc. Stitchers are addicted to their fabric.

So this series will focus on different kinds of fabric including , how to wash, how to cut, how to buy, and where to buy. Let’s begin with Aida.

Aida is a sturdy even weave fabric. It comes in several different colors including a two metallic weaves – gold and silver. It can be washed with a mild detergent, dye and perfume free, in cool to lukewarm water. It can also be ironed with or without steam. You can wash and iron this type of fabric before and after stitching. Keep in mind that this applies only if your project has no hand dyed thread.

It is also a great fabric for beginners to learn tension because it is stiff and can be used without a hoop. It is also inexpensive and can be found almost anywhere from department stores to craft stores. It usually comes already cut in a plastic tube or a plastic bag and it can be kept in these containers for storage.

There are a variety of sizes ranging from 7 count to 22 count; a twenty count has twenty squares per inch. A seven count is the biggest size fabric while 22 is the smallest size fabric; if I remember correctly.

Aida is the fabric required for most patterns so really there is no limit. Happy Stitching!