Treasures & Trash


My husband really pissed me off last night. I don’t know if I will ever forgive him. I still love him but right now forgiveness is not even an option.

Because of what happened, I am selling anything and everything that is mine that I no longer want or use such as books, needle work leaflets and supplies, clothing, and household decorations. I am doing it all through a Facebook group that I am setting up right now called Treasures & Trash.

Of course, nothing I’ll sell will actually be trash but you know ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’

Anyway, I hope you all stop by and check it out.


1 Finish and 2 WIP’s

Candlewick Pillow

This was a candlewicking kit that I picked up from Desert Industries, a second hand store,  awhile ago. I actually stitched this up last year but I am notorious for not getting anything framed or finished. However, I have been trying to rectify that by finishing what I can by myself. Framing is still left to professionals.

This pillow was actually put together by Jennifer G. Soosay. Thank you Jennifer! She does quilts for the local fabric store, Suppose, and she is going to teach me English Piece making. It’s a type of hand quilting. Sorry, sewing machines and I just don’t get along. Mine is still in time out after our last misadventure.

Now, for the two WIP’s.

Thanksgiving Blessing

Thanksgiving Blessing by Heart in Hand is almost finished, There is just a space at the bottom in between the leaf and acorn charm that need something. I am going to take it to the ladies at Embroidery Central to see what they would recommend. Remember, this is the model for the October Project of the Month from Embroidery Central.  Honestly, it was really easy to stitch up even with all the changes. Yes, I will be posting all the changes as soon as it is finished.

The Second WIP:

The Letter J

The Mermaid Letter J by Nora Corbett. Okay, so I haven’t really worked on this one as much as I should have. I went camping in the rain with my hubby and even though we have a camper, rain and mud is not good for hand dyed fabric. Then, I went into a reading frenzy. I read three or four books by Nora Roberts, 4 by Johanna Lindsey, and 2 by Catherine Coulter, and 1 Mercedes Lackey. I do have a small library in my house with easy access to these authors.

I am trying to get back on track but rain always calls for a good book and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Happy Stitching!

WIP: Words of Hope designed by “Oh My Bloomin’ Threads”

Words of Hope designed by "Oh My Bloomin' Threads"

Words of Hope designed by “Oh My Bloomin’ Threads”

Okay stitchers, it is WIP Wednesday once again and today I am working on Words of Hope designed by “Oh My Bloomin’ Threads.” This one would have been finished yesterday but my power went out due to gale force winds and an idiot who didn’t want to trim his tree. The power company cut the tree down and fixed the transformer that blew up; however, the power was off from about 2:30 pm yesterday until 5:30 am this morning. It’s kinda hard to stitch when there is no light.

I am a member of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks (aka BPOE or Elks). During the summer and winter conventions here in Idaho, the Elks auction off items to benefit the Betty Heiss Cancer Research Foundation. I have always tried to stitch something for the last year or two for this auction. I saw this pattern and decided to stitch this up and turn it into a pillow for the summer convention in Cauldwell, Idaho.

Then, my local stitch group was asked to stitch a couple of these up to help raise some money for a Relay for Life Team. Of course, we agreed and begin to stitch away. My mom has stitched six of these, one in the regular colors shown in the image above, and one in each cancer ribbon color.

I have finished the one for the Betty Heiss auction. The next two will be for the Relay for Life team. I might do some bread clothes using this design but I only have until July so we will see what happens.

Happy Stitching!