Futurecast (a.k.a.Herald) by Teresa Wentzler


Okay so here is the skinny on this cute little dragon. The design is called Futurecast (a.k.a. Herald) from one of my favorite designers Teresa Wentzler. If you like castles, fairies, mid evil stuff, then she is hands down the one to go to.

Now, the bad news. Her patterns are hard to find, believe me, I started collecting her ten years ago and eBay became the place to shop. I may or may not have have paid $50.00 for one of her patterns at one time or another.

Now, the good news. Wentzler is taking another look at her designs and converting them from hand drawn to computerized. She is also releasing some of the designs through Patterns Online. It’s a long process but according to her blog she is enjoying it. However, Futurecast is a freebie that can be found on her website.

You all know I buy most of my supplies through Embroidery Central. What you don’t know is they have a sense of humor and like to create some fun and challenging projects for their stitch group.  They decide to do an April Fool’s challenge with thread based on your birthday. There was three threads picked from DMC, metallic, and hand dyed. Further, the project had to be a certain size.

My mother bought my colors for me which were Ecru from DMC, PB34 from Rainbow Gallery, and Father’s Day from Weeks Dye Works. I thought what in the world was I going to with these then settled on this particular pattern. Of course, I changed the rest of the colors as well.

Dragon’s Main Color
A  159 DMC
B 161 DMC
C 311 DMC
D No number but it is a dark blue
BS 939 DMC

Secondary Color
1 826 DMC
2 825 DMC

Accent Color
+ ecru DMC
Z 738 DMC

Star Symbol PB34 Rainbow Gallery
Circle Symbol SK23 Rainbow Gallery

Mill Hill Beads
For the dragon 18830 size #8
For the border 03002

BS 550 for the crystal ball and border
BS 202HL #4 Krenik for the claws

Unfortunately, I started stitching him before the start date of the April Fool’s challenge so I kinda disqualified myself from the challenge with this pattern. I am still allowed in the challenge with a different pattern but I also need to get some stitching done for the silent auction at the Idaho Elks Summer Convention in Moscow, Idaho. I guess I will see what happens.

If you have any questions or concerns about stitching this little cutie, just send me a comment either here or you can find me on Facebook.  Happy stitching!


Finish: Let’s Be Wicked designed by Ursula Michael

Let's Be Wicked by Ursula Michael

Let’s Be Wicked by Ursula Michael

I started this last Wednesday as part of Embroidery Central’s April Fool’s all Day Sit n’ Stitch. It is called Let’s Be Wicked and is designed by Ursula Michael.  Ursula’s patterns are just plain fun to stitch; especially, these play on words patterns. Plus, depending on the fabric, they are a quick stitch for an intermediate or advanced stitcher. If you are a beginner, these patterns might be a bit of a challenge but they are tons of fun.

Now, let me get into some details on mine because it is different:

Let's Be Wicked stitched by Melinda Anderson

Let’s Be Wicked stitched by Melinda Anderson

Now, as you can see, I used a different fabric. For the EC event, you paid $30 to get a pattern, fabric, and one hand dyed thread or 4 DMC threads.  They had a variety of patterns and fabric to chose from sitting in a basket.  I chose to do Let’s Be Wicked on a hand dyed fabric called Gothic; I am not sure who produced the fabric.

The thread changes are as follows, main cross stitch of the hat and spider DMC 368 which is backstitched with DMC 703. The lighter green/yellow is Chartreuse by Weeks Dye works. The red hat band and the witches stocking is Louisiana Hot Sauce by Weeks Dye Works. The white of the witches stocking and back stitching I think is called Linen but I can’t remember which company makes it. The witches boot was stitched in a hand dyed black that had lost its tag and it was back stitched in a Krenik sliver.  The kitty cat was stitched in Charcoal by Weeks Dye Works then back stitched with DMC 310 and a Black blending filament from Rainbow Gallery. The kitty’s eyes were stitched with the Chatreuse.

I think that about covers it. Happy Stitching!

April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s day is right around the corner with Easter poking its head out of the closet. I love April Fool’s Day because it is a time to play pranks and just be silly or stitch the whole day away.

Embroidery Central will be hosting an all day Sit n’ Stitch from noon to 8 pm in Logan, Utah. It costs $30 and includes a one color wonder pattern (floss in one color and pattern) and lunch. This is a great time for stitchers to get together and just relax.

If you don’t stitch but would like to see what the excitement is about, go ahead and stop by, you just might find a new hobby.