Finish: Cherry Heart by Shepherd’s Bush

Cherry Heart designed by Shepherd's Bush

Cherry Heart designed by Shepherd’s Bush

I finally finished this on Monday, thank goodness. However, I did run out of hand dyed silk thread, Gobi Sand, and had to finish the flower border with the purple silk thread.

Note to companies who put kits together, add extra thread especially if it’s a hand dyed silk. I am not going to pay $2 to $6 for one skein of hand dyed thread when I have only 6 stitches left. Especially, when the store I buy my thread from doesn’t carry the brand used in the kit.

I am going to turn this into a cute pillow and give it away as either a Mother’s Day present, Birthday present, or Christmas present.  I’m really not sure who is going to get it yet, I’m just happy its finished.  Happy Stitching!


WIP: A Cherry Heart by Shepherd’s Bush

A Cherry Heart by Shepherd's Bush

A Cherry Heart by Shepherd’s Bush

This is what I am currently working on that is driving me nuts. I have one side of the two outside borders to do and it will be finished. I started it on Valentine’s day and it really should have not taken me this long to finish. Like I already stated, I should have changed the colors.

I will finish the stitching and frame or finish the project somehow. Then I will give it away to someone who can appreciate it more than I do.  Anyway, this is my WIP for this Wednesday. Happy Stitching!