1 Finish and 2 WIP’s

Candlewick Pillow

This was a candlewicking kit that I picked up from Desert Industries, a second hand store,  awhile ago. I actually stitched this up last year but I am notorious for not getting anything framed or finished. However, I have been trying to rectify that by finishing what I can by myself. Framing is still left to professionals.

This pillow was actually put together by Jennifer G. Soosay. Thank you Jennifer! She does quilts for the local fabric store, Suppose, and she is going to teach me English Piece making. It’s a type of hand quilting. Sorry, sewing machines and I just don’t get along. Mine is still in time out after our last misadventure.

Now, for the two WIP’s.

Thanksgiving Blessing

Thanksgiving Blessing by Heart in Hand is almost finished, There is just a space at the bottom in between the leaf and acorn charm that need something. I am going to take it to the ladies at Embroidery Central to see what they would recommend. Remember, this is the model for the October Project of the Month from Embroidery Central.  Honestly, it was really easy to stitch up even with all the changes. Yes, I will be posting all the changes as soon as it is finished.

The Second WIP:

The Letter J

The Mermaid Letter J by Nora Corbett. Okay, so I haven’t really worked on this one as much as I should have. I went camping in the rain with my hubby and even though we have a camper, rain and mud is not good for hand dyed fabric. Then, I went into a reading frenzy. I read three or four books by Nora Roberts, 4 by Johanna Lindsey, and 2 by Catherine Coulter, and 1 Mercedes Lackey. I do have a small library in my house with easy access to these authors.

I am trying to get back on track but rain always calls for a good book and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Happy Stitching!


Finish: Words of Hope by ‘Oh My Bloomin’ Threads’

Hope Pillow

A friend of mine finished this as a pillow. I stuffed it and slip stitched it closed. All in all, it turned out really cute. This will be up for silent auction in Cauldwell, Idaho, along lots of other goodies, during the Elks Summer Convention in Idaho.  Remember, this auction will benefit the Betty Heiss cancer research foundation.

If you are a member, I suggest you get your butt there and check it out. If you aren’t a member, go to your local lodge or visit the website, to find out how you can become involved. It really is a great program that focuses on community.

Umpteen Great Reasons to Cross Stitch

Umpteen Great Reasons to Cross Stitch

I saw this article on Face book and decided to share. I definitely would disagree with the first reason, It’s a cheap hobby. Even, if you buy a kit, you still have purchase accessories such as scissors. Plus, I recommend something to help you remember where you are on a pattern. I use a highlighter. I also recommend making a working copy of your pattern so that if do make a really bad mistake, you still have the original to make another working copy.

Finish: Two Ornaments from The Night Before Christmas

Sleigh full of toys away to the window

The stitching and sewing was actually finished awhile ago. I was just really sick of doing Christmas ornaments so the cording and the ribbon had to wait for awhile.

This is in a set of twelve and I have three totally finished so far. These two have already been donated to Embroidery Central for their Needlework Angel Tree.

Embroidery central started the Needlework Angel Tree for November fest in Logan, Utah. Ornaments are donated to Embroidery Central from local stitchers and then people can buy them. The money goes to a local charity like Toys for Tots or Sub for Santa.

This year, Embroidery Central will not be hosting a booth at November Fest. However, they are planning to do Christmas in July. They will have the Needlework Angel Tree set up with all of the available ornaments. The prices range from $1 to $10 dollars depending on the size of the ornament. Remember this is a first come first serve type of thing so be prepared to be there early to get the ornaments you want.

WIP: Letters From Mermaids by Nora Corbett

Image from Embroidery Central

Image from Embroidery Central

My WIP today, is the letter J in this absolutely cutesy series of letters with mermaids. However, I am changing it quite a bit. Above, is an image of the original.

I am stitching this for a friend who is having a baby girl as her first child. The friend happens to like mermaids and has chosen the following colors for her nursery – coral, teal, and silver.

Letter J

Okay, so the picture of the fabric sucks but it is called Aphrodite. It is a pink purplish color that is an oplescent.  As you can see, I lightened the tail for a more pastel coral while I darkened the J to a teal.

Here are the color changes for anyone who is interested.  I switched Ora’s Iris for Ocean, Jelly Roll for Peacock, Cerise for Blue Topaz, Lobster Claw for Tangerine, and Candy Corn for Goldfish. I will provide a more detailed color conversion once I am finished.

Don’t forget it is Sit N’ Stitch night at Embroidery Central at 6 pm. Happy Stitching!

Project of the Month: The Little Stitching Fairy

The Little Stitcher by Joan Elliott

The Little Stitcher by Joan Elliott

For May, Embroidery Central has chosen a design from the one and only Joan Elliott called The Little Stitcher. It costs $32.99 and comes with your choice of hand dyed fabric. The price is for the pattern and fabric only but while you are ordering this why not order the threads too so you can get started right away.

Now, if you have a mom or grandma who stitch, this would be an awesome gift to send to them for Mother’s Day. That is a great big hint to my children and husband.

Don’t forget that Embroidery Central still has their Spring Cleaning sale going on with up to 80% off of patterns. You can buy the POM and grab a few more goodies to go into your stash. Happy Stitching!