Relay for Life

That got your attention didn’t it. here’s the deal, I just signed up as a team captain for the Relay for Life taking place Aug. 2nd to 3rd in Preston, Idaho. the team goal is $1,500 but I am also looking for donations to raffle off. If you are interested in helping out, email me at


Nothing but Thread; part 2

There are currently two brands of metallic thread – Krenik and Rainbow Gallery – that are favored among stitchers.  The argument between the two is usually based on color, price, and quality.

When it comes to color both companies have really good color ranges so it really difficult to argue that one is better than the other. There is a difference in brightness, depending on what kind of metallic thread you buy. Blending filaments are used with one strand of thread to create a subtle sparkle. Braids, ranging from very fine #4 to braid #8, can be used with a thread or by themselves to add lots of sparkle. It is all up to the designer or the stitcher to add as much or no sparkle to each project.

When it comes to price, Krenik is about $2.00 for one bobbin while Rainbow Gallery is about $3.00 per bobbin. If you have set budget for your stitching addiction, you might want to stick with Krenik. Again its is up to needlework stores to decide which brand to carry. Most will offer both; but, I have found with Rainbow Gallery I usually have to order the colors I need. Krenik can also be found in some department stores such as Wal-mart.

The quality department is the kicker. Keep in mind this is again based on personal preference. I prefer Rainbow Gallery. It is softer, easier to work with, and it doesn’t seem fray as quick as Krenik. However, I know stitchers who say the same thing about Rainbow Gallery.

Neither company has limited their company to just metallic thread and have a wide variety of specialty threads such as Neon and Glow in the Dark. After all, stitching is only limited but your creativity why should your thread be any different.

Next up, hand dyed thread.

Upcoming Events

Every Wednesday night at Embroidery Central, Logan, Utah, is Stitch night. It starts at 6 pm and goes to 8 pm, everyone is welcome.

Embroidery Central has been so busy that they have added a beginner’s hard hanger class on Saturdays at 1 pm.

There are also several classes coming up next month including tatting, bobbin lace, and a framing class.  I will get these posted next week. Seating is limited so sign up asap.

There is also the Project of the Month (POM) which is available on the first of every month. I will get Aprils posted next week.

The finishing challenge was such a big hit last year that Embroidery Central has carried it over to this year.  You earn points based on your skill level and the difficulty of the project.  Prizes will be awarded at the end of the year.

They are also rewarding stitchers who donate ornaments for their Christmas Tree.  For every ornament donated, you receive two dollars on your punch card and points for the finishing challenge. Remember, these ornaments will be sold at November Fest in Logan, Utah with all of the proceeds going to Sub for Santa.

So come on out and show off your talent! Happy stitching!